Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review Links 2012

A few year end roundups for all of y'all.  My big plans involve champagne and my pajamas, and a whole lot of gratitude for a wonderful year.

First, 5 retracted research studies.  #2 is weirdly hilarious. (h/t Maggie's Farm)

Then, best data shares of 2012.  Way to represent Boston!

This list is a bit more modest....not "best of" rather "20 great" infographics.

And here are about 10 different "best science books" links, all in one place.

Unrelated to data, but good for a laugh:  Dave Berry's year in review.

That's all for 2012.

Don't forget that 2013 is The Year of Statistics!

Happy New Year!

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