Sunday, December 9, 2012

Are you ready for some football?

There are very few things in life more boring than hearing someone talk about their fantasy football feel free to tune out now.

Good grief has my first foray in to FF been a disaster....but an excellent example of how picking your data points can change the results.

For those of you not well versed in standard FF setups, each week your team plays another team in your league.  Your teams do not reflect real NFL teams, but rather new teams composed of existing players.  Your record is determined by how often you beat the team you're playing that week.

In my league of 8 (run by the AVIs son, btw), I'm dead last.

However, I'm 3rd for points scored this year.  In fact, I've scored only 30 points less than the first place team....and 343 points more than the team directly ahead of me in the standings.   My problem of course is how many points my opponents score when they play me.  I have had more points scored against me than any other team by almost 100 points for the season.


This week is the first round of the playoffs, and I'm projected to lose yet again.  While I love the stats part of fantasy sports, it's really much better to be lucky than good.

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  1. You would have won this week had Ben not hat the Seahawks defense.