Monday, December 24, 2012

A very Mayan Christmas

I know we're all supposed to stop talking about the Mayans, seeing as how the world was supposed to end on Friday and today's Monday and all....but this link was too good to pass up.

You enter your birthday, and it tells you how many (major) apocalypse predictions you've lived through.

I've got 59 under my belt, and my husband has 60.  I kind of want an ev psych person to do a study on the stability of marriages as a function of lifetime apocalypse prediction differentials.  I'd read that paper.

Link includes gratuitous profanity.


  1. There's way more than that.

    And we don't even know what they predicted in other countries

    1. Yes, but this gets in to the question of "how do you count an apocalypse prediction?"

      I had a coworker who used to predicted at least 3/year.

      I'm sure many of the folks you see have been equally persuaded.

      Would you list only those that got more than 1000 followers? Got mentioned in the NYT? I don't know. I'm going to ponder this.

  2. 72! Does that make me a survivor?

    Actually, you can only count apocalypsoi predictions that were published in peer reviewed journals.