Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Have yourself a curiosity driven Christmas

If that's what you celebrate of course.

No big post today, as I'm cooking Christmas brunch, but I did want to highlight a few good Christmas gifts.

We didn't go crazy on Christmas gifts for the little lord this year, opting instead for some books.   He's just starting to get interested in books put in front of him (mostly to shove in his mouth) but I have a feeling by this time next year he'll enjoy Dr Suess almost as much as I do (for my money "barbaloot suites" is one of the most fun phrases to say, possibly ever).

Also promising is the book Big Questions from Little People (and Simple Answers from Great Minds).  It's the kind of book I loved as a kid, and in fact I'm reading it now (he doesn't seem to mind that I borrowed it).

My favorite Christmas present I can remember was the Big Book of Amazing Facts, which I read so often the cover fell off.  Not actually sure that Amazon link goes to the right book....it seems to be a fairly common title, but the publishing date on that one seems about right.

If you want to see some more fun reminiscing about curiosity inducting gifts, see this NYT article today on "gifts that keep on giving, if not exploding".

And most of all, happy holidays to you and yours.  Thanks for stopping by.

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