Friday, December 7, 2012

200th post

Blogger tells me this post will be my 200th, so it seemed like a good time to go a little meta and reflect on my own statistics since I went live on March 21st.

Most popular posts:

#1 My most popular post didn't surprise me, it was the one where I correlated retraction rates in scientific journals with conservatives decreasing trust in science.  That one got linked to/reposted on quite a few blogs, so it didn't surprise me too much.

#2 The second most popular is a little strange, I still haven't figured out what key words keep leading people to my 4th of July post....most of that's just a repost from the Census Bureau.

#3 My third most popular post is my feelings on the application of Title IX to STEM professions.  It's pretty funny because that's the only post I've ever done that my brother ever got actively upset at me over, and it ended up as required reading for a class at a community college in California on gender issues.  I considered emailing the professor to ask what the discussion around it was, but I wasn't sure I wanted the answer to that question.

The rest:

#4 5 Rules for Reading Scientific Papers Online
#5 Soviet Propaganda, Infographic Style
#6 Arguments and Discussions, learning the rules
#7 Mission Statement
#8 Rule 6D
#9 Are Republicans Stupid?
#10 Rule #6

#9 makes me laugh because "are republicans stupid" is actually the most popular search that brings people to my blog (excluding searches for my blog in particular)...I don't think that post gives them what they're looking for.  Relatedly "gas prices the day bush took office" also brings me some traffic.

I'm happy to report 4% of my traffic comes from Linux users (stay strong my friends!)

Most popular countries are:

I suspect most of the Russia traffic is spammers, and probably Ukraine as well.  Not sure about the rest.

The correlation between the number of posts I put up in a month and the amount of traffic I get is .68, but it drops to .53 if I exclude March as a partial month.

I'd be interested to hear any thoughts on this, and as always any directions for the future!  Thank you all for making this an entertaining 200 posts, and I look forward to the next 200!


  1. Congrats on being required reading anywhere. I'm guessing a gender studies class at a CA community college isn't going to have significant overlap with STEM majors, so we can imagine the discussion. It would clearly be that you need your consciousness raised, not they theirs.

    1. Yeah, I like to get my ideas challenged, but that seemed like a challenge I could do without.