Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5th

I had a rather entertaining post about doomsday prep all set for today, but then I looked at the calendar.

Six years ago today, at a trivia night, I got introduced to a guy who perfectly complemented my trivia strengths and weaknesses.  I knew I must get this delightful person (who could always remember who was in what movie, or what musician did what song and when) to be on my trivia team for as long as possible.  When he beat me at Trivial Pursuit, I knew I had to marry him.

The chances of love at first sight are small, and the chances of finding someone who would put up with someone who does literature searches and statistical breakdowns of optimal household and relationship management are even smaller, so I feel pretty darn lucky to have him in my life.

While the genders are reversed, I like the way this video puts it (linked to in case the embedding doesn't work).

Put more simply (from Andrew Gelman's whole post on the topic):
You are perfect; I’d make no substitutions
You remind me of my favorite distributions
With a shape and a scale that I find reliable
You’re as comforting as a two parameter Weibull
When I ask you a question and hope you answer truly
You speak as clearly as a draw from a Bernoulli
Your love of adventure is most influential
Just like the constant hazard of an exponential.
With so many moments, all full of fun,
You always integrate perfectly to one.

Love you honey!


  1. "who could always remember who was in what movie, or what musician did what song and when"

    Sounds like Ben. I suspect I would like this lad.

    1. It never occurred to me how much like Ben he was until they met at Dan's wedding. Suddenly it was like "you two....go talk....movies, music, sports, go!"

      I actually think they had a quite enjoyable conversation.