Thursday, December 13, 2012

Friday Fun Links 12-13-12

Still don't have enough Christmas present ideas?  How about the book My Ideal Bookshelf which compiles different "notable" peoples favorite books?  Just as cool is the chart the editor's boyfriend did to show how all the lists interacted.

The little lord is recovering nicely from his first cold.  I feel he has traversed this journey valiantly....this chart from rambling muse does a good job of showing where he's been:

If you're looking for a good podcast with interesting math facts, try Math Mutation by Erik Seligman....all sorts of fun little number facts.

This week, TED put out a letter to all TEDx organizers asking them to vet their talks a bit better.  The letters good, but even better is the subreddit that documented the talks that prompted the letter to begin with.


  1. Onion Network News did a great send-up of TED talks.

    As for the book list, it was mostly writers. I don't think chemists would be so narcissistic as to think it was mostly chemists who are "notable." I am also suspicious of self-compiled lists of what you think has been influential. It would be more interesting to see what books they actually read most often - or read at all.

    1. Well, anyone can be a chemist. To be a writer though, that takes....something?

      I actually thought you'd like the interactions chart. It makes it easy to see who was just trying to be contrarian. If your list of most influential books has nothing in common with the lists of 100 other people, you did that on purpose.

      I've seen the Onion/TED thing floating around, but hadn't watched it yet. Sounds like a good Saturday sort of thing.

  2. Wow...these links sent me on a long strange trip into the depths of the internet. Thanks. I think.