Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quote of the Week

Another thing I must point out is that you cannot prove a vague theory wrong. If the guess that you make is poorly expressed and rather vague, and the method that you use for figuring out the consequences is a little vague - you are not sure, and you say, ‘I think everything’s right because it’s all due to so and so, and such and such do this and that more or less, and I can sort of explain how this works'...then you see that this theory is good, because it cannot be proved wrong! Also if the process of computing the consequences is indefinite, then with a little skill any experimental results can be made to look like the expected consequences.                                      -Richard Feynman                                                                                                          “The Character of Physical Law”  1992  pp.158-159
I feel this quote should be a mandatory back drop for every political speech given, especially in election years.

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