Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Fun Links 6-1-12

Last time I did a list of fun links, my most curmudgeonly reader informed me they weren't fun enough.

Fine, I'll try again.

I don't even attempt to touch on economic stats on this blog.  Frankly, they make me dizzy.  However, I'm excited to see that George Mason's is launching an Econostats website soon.  Their regular site is pretty darn good for going behind the headlines, and I'm hoping this one will be too.  Here's a post from the guys who will be running it.

If you're looking for summer reading for your local math/logic puzzles nerd, this might be a good choice.  Even for those not on the job market it looks fairly interesting. (Fixed the link)

Nate Silver feels about acronyms what I feel about infographics.

I've been trying to improve my data visualization skills lately, and I've been noticing huge variances in examples on the web.  Thus I liked reading this proposal for creating three different categories: data visualization, data illustration, and data art.

Speaking of data art, I bought David McCandless's book, which is very pretty, very fun, and answers the burning question "what can facebook teach us about peak break-up times?"

Facebook breakups not of interest to you?  Maybe you're a tennis fan?  Watching the French Open?

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  1. There appears to be a broken link to the logic/puzzles book.