Thursday, June 28, 2012

Big day

To be honest, my day was dominated by big news that had nothing to do with healthcare.....we closed on our house today (the one we were buying....we closed our sale yesterday).  

I was fairly glad, as I got sick of the coverage of the decision by noon.  

I thought the coverage itself had some interesting things to say about how we process data however.  When it comes to science, so often people are just skimming over things, trying to get out a good headline.  Watching the blogs and other websites today, I saw a different angle....people trying to dissect legal jargon quickly to get to the sound bite....which of course led to this:

It was almost nice watching this happen in a different field....though I felt incredibly bad for the pundits trying to put together commentary while still trying to read the decision.

Not much with statistics to comment on, though Nate Silver has some good preliminary stats on how this will go for the election.  


  1. I'll check with Volokh in a month or two.

  2. Lots of paperwork to sign when purchasing or selling a home...

    One of these weekends, I will review every piece of paper I had to sign for my place, and remind myself of what it means.