Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fun Links 6-22-12

Why ignorance shouldn't be a dirty word.

I think this article's premise should be someone's doctoral thesis.

I've never used Pinterest, but this version of it seems to have potential.

Work got you down?  Don't try robbing banks.  It's not as lucrative as it would seem.

Since that's out, perhaps you should go on a road trip. has a trip planner that will show you weather for your route.

This may not be as interesting to you as it is to me at the moment, but Chris Mulligan put up this very cool graph of birth trends by day of the year:

It looks like the data used is from 1969 to 1988....I would have loved to see this graph for 100 years ago, before there were any c-sections or inducements to contend with.  I had a Coptic Egyptian roommate at one point, and she told me that when she was little, they couldn't divide up kids by birth date when they went to sort people out.  Apparently Coptic's are prohibited from having sex for almost 170 days out of the year, and so the babies are all born very clustered together (9 months after the end of Lent for example).  I'd imagine the data would be nearly impossible to get a hold of, but I'd love to see some cultural variations on this to see how things correlated with social norms.

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  1. David Hackett Fischer has some of that birth data on the American colonies in Albion's Seed. It is by month, not day.