Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Fun Links 3-25-12

Because I didn't get to it on Friday.

This is a sad way to start the week, apparently some little girl totally had my childhood (hell, adulthood) dream come true.

In other news, are sabermetrics coming to basketball?

This is fun: book covers with more honest titles.  Gatsby renamed and shots at Howard Zinn?  Gotta check it out.

Relatedly...what Dr Suess books are really about.

If you're looking for an even shorter read, here are the 140 best Twitter feeds of the year.


  1. I almost did a Seuss post that was similar. Not as good as that one, though.

  2. So, when I was reading you those Seuss books, I was really brainwashing you at a young age. I guess I missed it because I was so focused on not tripping over the words.