Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irish in America

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I've got some pretty good Irish heritage going on in my house.  In fact, I'm the least Irish member.  The dog is actually an Irish immigrant, the husband's completely Irish.  The little lord has more than me, and (in the words of my mother) I'm a mutt...albeit a mutt with a good helping of Irish.

Anyway, living in Boston I tend to forget that Irish heritage is not ubiquitous in the US.  I found this map that shows that my skewed vision is at least somewhat justified:
It appears I do actually live in a place where Irish heritage is more prevalent.  Then I saw this map:
So not only do I live in a region that's heavily Irish, but I apparently have spent the past 10 years in zip codes that were 30% Irish or more.  

Always interesting to explore your own potential perception skews.

And speaking of perception skewers, who's up for an Irish car bomb? How about in cupcake form?


  1. Scituate is (was) called the Irish Riviera.

    That drink sounds horrible. I may try it anyway.

    1. It's good in that it tests stamina and agility. The longer you take to drink it, the more horrifying it is.

  2. I've found very little Irish in my ancestry. That's probably why I think maybe the Bailey's and Jameson might possibly make the Guinness drinkable. But I doubt it.

    I live in a yellow county surrounded by light green ones. Though if I ever win the lottery, I'm going to turn the Red River green some St. Patrick's day.

    1. It doesn't make it drinkable, trust me.

      Also, I like your lottery plans. I'm rooting for you!