Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Fun Links 3-8-13

Do you feel like getting away?  Got your passport handy?  How about those in other states?

Here's some really pretty artistic gifs that kind of made my day.

Other amusing moments of the day include 17 kids who will change the world.

I guess I'm in a "kids are fun" mood today because I also liked this:


  1. The passport map may have several patterns showing on it.

    At a rough guess, there may be two patterns. One is border-States have higher rates of passport-holders than non-border States.

    The other is that certain States have large cities with good airport access to overseas destinations.

    Some States sit in both categories.

    And then there's a little room to argue about definitions. Do water-borders count? What about rivers vs. lakes as a water-border?

    Kind of fun to think about.

    1. I also think there's also some correlation with median income...all the states with 30% or less seem to be those that normally appear in the bottom quartile on household income lists.

    2. And that explanation may be better than the ones I offered in category 2.

      Though the explanations I offered are strongly related to median income...

      There may still be outliers in the bottom quartile, though those appear to be land-border States.