Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Fun Links 3-1-13

Hey!  Happy Friday! In celebration, I think it's time you ask the internet "Am I Awesome?"

I mentioned that in Salt Lake City I rekindled my love affair with dinosaurs.  Thus, this Tumblr makes me happy.

This also makes me happy: the most obscenely titled peer reviewed paper you'll see all day.

Also from io9, the scientists that would make the best superheros.

I know I'm feeling pretty burnt out on politics, but this site is pretty cool....locate your state level representation, and get the bills they sponsor, committees they serve on, and other such fiddle faddle.


  1. I would counsel against this dinosaur crush. Other girls have found they're just not there for you when you need them. I loved the woman feeding the dinos though.

    Over at that io9 site, I noticed that the article about Obama mixing his sci-fi references concluded that he wasn't really being a poser who should shut up rather than show off, because his critics well, criticised him about something unimportant. Making them wrong and geeky, and him smooth.

    1. ...but they'll be different with me!!!! They've changed!!!!

      As for Obama...well, if GWB had done it, I'm certain the reaction would have been the same.