Thursday, April 5, 2012

That's some bad data, bad to the bone

Not the most useful data on the planet, but fun never the less....especially if you are a data geek married to a metal head.  Not that I'd know anything about that.

Heavy metal bands per capita for every country except Bhutan:

In case you're curious, here's an article explaining more, including the actual numbers used.

Thanks to some research carried out by me and my wonderful husband, we discovered that Bhutan now has 1 metal band that was formed in 2008.  Their name is Metal Visage.  Here's a review.  Oh, and if you're super curious, here's a video.  I have no idea if they're good or offensive or what, as my dog started barking as soon as I hit play, but my husband assures me they are better than Ugra Karma (one of Nepal's 12 metal bands)

Anyway, not much to criticize here, as sadly this is probably more accurate than most of the studies I write about.  I did find it amusing that I saw a comment about this where someone was greatly disturbed that the CIA world factbook was cited as a source.  I considered politely explaining to them that that was probably where the population numbers came from, not the metal band numbers, but I decided not to.  Read ALL the sources folks, thank you.


  1. Some people just do a knee-reflex jerk whenever the letters CIA are mentioned. To show that they "get it" about world affairs, y'know.

    Smart dog you've got there.

  2. And here I thought Bhutanese were into polka.

  3. Metal Visage also has a facebook page too with 226 likes. Apparently there's some dissension, the drummer Stephen quit the band and hacked the facebook page saying Metal Visage was no more on March 31st.

    Metal Visage responded by scolding Stephen and letting him know there were plenty of awesome musicians in Bhtuan ready to take his place. So per Metal Visage, they have musicians who want to join the band. I guess the map doesn't include aspiring metal musicians who want to join Metal Visage.

    1. I think we may have figured out why Bhutan was left purple here. Purple for DRAMA!!!!

  4. And here I thought Bhutanese were into polka.

    I knew a Bhutanese student at university who was into oldies: Fleetwood Mac, Marvin Gaye.

    For food tastes, Bhutanese are not that different from Indians: plenty of rice and plenty of jalpenos.