Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The rise of the datasexual

Datasexual...apparently it's a thing.

Sometimes I worry that's what I might become...obsessed with my own personal data, quantifying myself until there's nothing left that can't be counted.  I already have an embarrassing number of spreadsheets in google docs dedicated to tracking all sorts of things in my life....7 I'm currently updating regularly.

Normally, my love for efficiency saves me though.  In healthcare, there's a pretty unending stream of data, so we've had to learn how to sort through to what's useful.  If you don't know how you'll use it immediately, or at least have a very large hunch, we don't collect it.

If efficiency doesn't work as a motivator, I figure that's a sign I need to get outside.  Good thing I have a dog to remind me to do that.

In case you're curious, on a sunny day like today, he'll walk for an average of 24.6 minutes, with a standard deviation of 3.3, highly dependent on whether or not we see the UPS guy go by.  He HATES the UPS guy.

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