Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday links for fun - 4.13.12

This will be completely lost on you if you're not a Hunger Games fan, but the stats work/extrapolation is pretty damn impressive.

Professionally, I found this interesting....I can only get you the numbers, ma'am, I can't make you use them wisely.

I haven't talked much about small sample sizes, but this blog does.

These guys are my new heroes.  They noticed a statistical error that kept popping up in neuro research, and then went back and figured out how often people were getting it wrong....half of the studies that could have got it wrong did.  It's a stat geeky read, but hears the story.


  1. Your grandfather wrote a small book called "Frugal Sampling Schemes". Maybe I should give it to you.

  2. Additionally, MLB broadcasts are the home of small sample sizes.