Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Brain Teaser 5-22-13



  1. I think I see The Matrix and Social Network.

  2. You were wrong. I'm mostly lost. Really had to work at this one.

    SJ is right. Also, the last is Beauty and the Beast, the seventh is Sin City, and the second is Signs. I think the fourth is Mighty Ducks.

  3. I'm leaving everything with ducks to Ben. Can it be a Ducktales something? The Matrix, yeah. I didn't think Social Network, I thought Odd Man Out, a movie my father used to talk about. Never saw it myself, so I'll bet that's wrong. The sine curves - eh, they could be "sin," which must be in some movies, or "sign" which would also be common. Iron Cross or Cross of Iron or something - not really math, though.

    I'm not getting why Euler would be beauty, other than the elegance, but that Beast does jump out at one. Ben likely has that one.

  4. No. 3: "Great Balls of Fire"

    No. 5: "Cross of Iron"

  5. Duck Soup!

    There's a movie called "Imaginary Friend." Eh... But a+bi is also the form for complex numbers. does that spark anything for anyone?

  6. No. 6 might be "In the Heat of the Night" assuming the black background signifies night.

  7. The complex number one looks funny.

    But it may be a pun: the "i" is gold/yellow, so GoldenEye

  8. Answers (top to bottom, left to right):
    1. The Matrix
    2. Signs
    3. Ball of Fire
    4. Duck Soup
    5. Cross of Iron
    6. Social Network
    7. Sin City
    8. Heat
    9. Goldeneye
    10. Beauty and the Beast

    Answers with hints/explanations here:

    I'm pretty impressed. I think "Heat" was the only one no one got, but I actually thought Joseph's answer was more clever.