Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Brain Teaser 4-10-13

Apologies in advance, but this has nothing to do with math...but I thought it was fun, so it's going up.

This mental floss link gives you 8 minutes to name as many of the 43 presidents as you can.

I got all but 12....apparently my memory cuts out in 1881 and picks back up in 1933.  It's one of those tricky things where you flat out can't remember some, can't believe you never entered others, and kick yourself for at least one or two.  I'm not naming names because I don't want to skew your results...because of course we need a poll here:


  1. I missed Zachary Taylor and Rutherford B. Hayes.

    Listing the presidents in reverse order is/was part of the Mental Status Exam done by psychiatrists. You only need to get a couple, thought. If you say "Clinton, for example, it suggests you have been out of contact for some time.

  2. BTW, the link is screwy and doesn't give you credit properly, so I counted on my fingers instead.

    Missing quotation mark in original comment

  3. I hadn't thought of going backwards.

    Somehow, I got a lot of memorable ones, but have lots of gaps in my memory of the 1800s Presidencies.

    I got almost all Presidents post-1900 in order...except I somehow forgot Harding and Carter.