Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Fun Links 4-5-13

I have a very narrow taste in April Fools Day jokes.  I don't like jokes that attempt to humiliate others for laughs, make people looks stupid, etc.  I do however, like a good kitty in a backpack joke.

Who pays for daycare?  This article covers the issue of headlines that state that the cost of childcare is a mother's problem/women's problem.  Kudos for mentioning that this leaves dads out of the picture.  Language matters, give fathers their due!

With all the de-extinction talk lately, I think we need to ponder this article.  Could you outrun a t rex?

If you can't out run them, take a cab.  Here's a visual of how cab drivers earn their money.

For your education this week: 7 misused science words.

Now just for the hell of it, infomercial gifs.  I kind of really love gifs.


  1. Other than "ironic," what do you call it when Scientific American misuses language in an article about misusing language? And quotes Michael Mann, as if he has no axe to grind.

    As soon as I saw the "Just a Theory" headline, I knew that this was going to be a social-pressure-to-conform article. The general point about precise meanings of words is one worth mentioning, and the correct information is included in the article. Unfortunately, so is some extra, politically-motivated junk.

  2. And they left out "quantum leap"

    Back when I used to live in Chicago-land as a poor grad student, I liked to read Siskel's reviews; they were well-written and interesting. But I was more likely to like the movie if Ebert liked it. (Reading reviews was a lot cheaper than going to movies.)

  3. The image that starts with the hand next to the stove, and ends with the person jumping out the window into the pool...

    What were they advertising? Do I want to know?