Saturday, September 15, 2012


I got an email that my post from yesterday was having trouble accepting comments.

Regardless, Catie J had a good question as to whether the 35+ hour people evaluated were salaried, hourly, or both.

From what I can tell of individual studies, everyone is lumped together....including those who work for commission, bonuses, or those who bill hourly/by procedure as well (therapists, lawyers, MDs....).

One other interesting factor I've read is that many women are likely to take pay cuts in order to carry the health benefits for their household.  I have only anecdotal evidence, but when I've mentioned the "construction worker husband admin assistant wife" combo, most people I talk to have examples at their work places of the same thing.  In these cases, the husband out earns the wife monetarily, but not in total compensation.

I have no idea how big of an effect this has on earnings, but with the ACA still standing and the cost of health care continuing to rise, subsidized health insurance should not be left out of income calculations for much longer, if we want to truly see what's going on.

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