Monday, September 10, 2012

Brief update

Leave it to xkcd to post a comic that perfectly describes my life right now.

Still trying to figure out when to blog, but his lordship seems to be sleeping in progressively longer bouts, so I may get some time back soon.

I'm feeling very motivated to post regularly again, as my brother let me know this morning that I have in fact made a difference in the world.  He's currently an executive producer on a new film about poverty in America, and apparently felt one of the stats the filmmaker used was a bit fishy.  He looked up the source and felt it was a deceptive stat, and asked her not to use it.  Then he called me and told me about it.  I feel I've accomplished something here.

If your curious, the movie is here:


  1. You should feel good, and so should he. What Tim did is easy to talk about in the abstract, but very very hard to do in reality when everyone wants things to go a certain way, and they're your friends or people you admire, etc.

    1. I think he got the word "Executive" in front of his title and went all mad with power.