Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Greetings from Maine

After a treacherous journey up Route 1 (over an hour to clear the city of Boston), I'm pleased to tell you that we're coming to you tonight from Portland, Maine.

I'm running a conference tomorrow at University of Southern Maine about bone marrow transplant patients who have to travel long distances....or as it's more flourishingly called "Improving Patient Pathways for Complex Care Across Multiple Healthcare Systems".  This is not my forte, and thus I have nothing long winded tonight....but after the stress of conference planning, I'm sure I'll have to spend several weeks with nothing but numbers and spreadsheets before I calm down.

While we wait to see where that takes me, I thought I'd continue my pattern of figuring out a good Google Ngram for the trips I take.  This time I decided to run all the New England states to see who got mentioned the most.  

I'm happy to see Massachusetts made a strong showing.  Connecticut managed to eek a win over Maine, and it looks like Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island have just been hanging out for years.

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