Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Fun Links 6-8-12

Good morning!  It's hard to find fun links this week.  Why?  Because George @#&$@* Martin wrecked my life.  Game of Thrones may land me in therapy.  I knew about the red wedding, but really George Martin, really?  Your life goal is to make your readers scared to turn the page?  Well you've got me.  Fine.  You win.

Alright, here we go, the New Yorker has an interactive map of the rise of the microbrews.  Little known fact:  there was an award winning microbrew in Texas named after me.  True story.

This here is possibly the most joyous/beautiful practical joke/prank I've ever seen.  It made me smile.

These are some pretty cool illustrations about how chemistry works.

Looking for some more summer reading?  How about a book that will tell you "what would Jesus drink?"

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  1. My favorite brewery in Chicago (Half Acre) was the 45th fastest growing brewery!