Monday, June 10, 2013

Post migraine post

I had a nasty migraine last night that kept me up for most of the night, and I'm not sure I have a real post in me.

In lieu of that, I have a linguistic issue I'd like to get off my chest: Misnomer does not mean "error" or "misconception" refers to an error in naming.

I'm sure my very smart and wonderful readers know this, but 3 times in the past two weeks I've heard people make this error.  If you're going to try to use big/unusual words, please use them accurately.  Oh, and that also goes for phrases in Latin.  Saying part of your argument in Latin doesn't make you right.


  1. Walt Kelly had one of his characters ask what language the Romans used when they wanted to impress.

  2. Ah. Sumus quod sumus.

    You are currently correct, and I applaud you. In a hundred years they will say "misnomer used to mean a very specific type of error, and error in naming. Get it? 'nom?' Now it just means any general error."

  3. Latinus sermo non de te ius argumentum.

    But...admit it. It sure makes you sound right.