Monday, January 14, 2013

...and one more thing about babies

I mentioned yesterday's post to a coworker today, who went on a long rant about how her daughter grew out of all the baby sizes so fast it was ridiculous.

It occurred to me to go back and look at the sizing on baby clothes compared to growth charts, and here's  what I found for boys:

Size                            Upper Weight Limit           Age 50th percentile boys/girls reach that weight
Newborn                               8 lbs                                             1-2 weeks/2 weeks
3  Month                             12.5 lbs                                           2 months/3 months
6 Month                              16.5 lbs                                           5 months/7 months
9 Month                              20.5 lbs                                           8 months/13 months
12 Month                            24.5 lbs                                           18 months/22 months

So a boy outgrowing all the sizes early is actually extremely likely (though the upper sizes seem a bit confused).  Interestingly, the height based portion was actually pretty accurate.

Just thought it was an interesting take on what baby clothes sizes actually meant, at least for one company.

Alright, done with the baby stuff now, at least for a bit.

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  1. I always translated the sizes, like "18 months" as "When American children grow out of them and third-world children grow into them."