Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Fun links 11-2-12

A history of film, in one graph.

With election day coming, should you make sure you're voting for the candidate whose positions you most agree with?  It's a good quiz, with both yes/no options or more nuanced opinions...also lets you rank how important certain issues are.  I was happy to see that I'm in 97% agreement with my candidate of choice for president, and my Senate choice aligned with my beliefs too, though not as strongly.

Heard about this on Tim Ferriss's blog....they're billing it the "Manhattan Project to End Fad Diets".  I'll be following this.

A new study shows an increasing danger for men in our time....Tie Retraction Syndrome.

Science Ink....a compilation of geeky tattoos.


  1. The History of Film graph looks good to me. It contains Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World AND Endless Summer. So it must be right.

  2. Wait a minute: what study was done on ties, and who is retracting their results?

    [clicks over...]

    Never mind.