Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fun Links 11-16-12

Looking for a Bad Data Bad approved Christmas present for a little girl in your life?  Reader David tipped me off to Goldi Blox....a new startup that's making toys to get girls interested in engineering early on in life.  She had me at "this is the toy I wish someone could have bought me when I was that age".

Also, are you traveling for Thanksgiving?  If so, you should know that surviving a plane crash is not nearly as uncommon as you've been led to believe.

Once you get to Thanksgiving dinner (safely), here's some fun tricks you could bust out with.  Science.

In the post election dissection, I've seen a lot of random correlations, but this one touched my heart.  Apparently coffee won Obama the election.  Of course by this logic, Texas is one of the next states that could go take it with a grain of salt.  Or lump of sugar.  Either way, a cute reminder that correlation is not causation.

Speaking of elections, want to remember what the internet used to look like?  Dole/Kemp '96 is still up (for educational purposes apparently).

This one's a little different.  I was raised in a home/church community where one of the most enduring traditions of the holidays was a call for giving to those in need.  This year, I decided to give some money through  If you've never been there, it's a site that lets teacher's from around the country submit their "wish lists" for specific education projects they are working on, and donors can fund the project. I (naturally) went looking for stats projects and found a school in a high poverty area in North Carolina looking for some resources to make statistics more real for their students.  They only need a little over $200 more to fund the project, and I thought I'd just put it out there to anyone who might be interested in pitching in.  I have no connection to any of these people, just a random act of kindness thing.  The project can be found here.

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