Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekend moment of Zen 7-14-12

No comic, but a mildly humorous anecdote:

My wonderful husband and I took a child birth education class today.  The teacher was excellent, and spent a lot of time emphasizing that there were lots of different opinions about lots of things, but the focus should always be having a healthy baby/healthy mom.

She repeated this several times (clearly trying to avoid having any natural childbirth vs epidural debates) and then mentioned that you could read plenty of research about all sorts of different aspects of childbirth, but that it was really important to assess sample size, who did the study, etc etc.

I started to laugh a bit, and she looked at me and said "no really, you would not believe how many bad studies there are out there!".

Needless to say, I enjoyed this teacher immensely.

My kind of class right there.

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