Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Fun Links 7-6-12

Between the heat and being 8 months pregnant, running to catch the bus is pretty much more than I can handle these days.  Still, it's nice to know my age doesn't preclude me from competing in the Olympics.  

Apparently I'm on the wrong end of the bell shaped curve if I want to win a medal though....

If sports aren't your thing, how about a summer romance?  What, you're trapped in the friend zone?  Here's the stats on whether you should try to get out or not.

No summer vacation?  Stuck at work?  Use data?  Here's Juice Analytics new chart chooser (2.0) to help figure out how best to present your data.  Haven't tried it yet, but it looks awesome.

I've written before about retractions and their impact on public trust...but this was pretty stunning.  Yoshitaka Fujii, a Japanese anesthesiologist, has been found to have faked data in 172 published studies, dating back to 1993.  That's a record.

My bff from college is from West Virginia, and always told me that coal is a big deal there.  Turns out she wasn't exaggerating....apparently it matters more than political party in how people vote.

James over at I don't know but.... had a good post about the inaccuracies in the reporting about the Higgs boson.  Went more in depth than I could have, for sure.

That's it for now, have a good weekend!

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