Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More beer and politics

I have a love hate relationship with graphs like these (from the National Journal).

On the hate side - implications of correlation and causation, using random variables to grab headlines.

On the love side - oh!  colors!  bubbles!  Fun!!!!!

The data for this one actually looks pretty good....survey results for over 200,000 people....and the survey was done by a polling group and not, say a beer manufacturer.

A pretty good breakdown of some of the data is here.  They point out some funny things, like the proximity of Romney campaign headquarters to the Sam Adams brewery, and that the most likely Dems to turn out actually drink a Canadian beer (Molson).

Shiner Bock makes sense to me as I've only seen it sold in Texas and parts thereabout, and Corona always makes me think of the spring break crowd.

I'm a hard cider girl myself, though that's due to an allergy.  I guess it is true that I skew Democrat, but mostly because in Massachusetts all your local races are pretty much uncontested Dems....so I probably have voted for vastly more Dems than Repubs in my life.

I'd like to see a bit of a note on how the size of the circle relates to absolute number of people (is that Lone Star drinker in the corner just one guy or 10?) but overall, this is fun.  It will definitely compliment the debate drinking game well.  Stay thirsty my friends.

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  1. Allergies, schmallergies. Your affinity for cider only proves that you are a cut above the rest, a person of distinction and high-class. I knew I liked you.

    Cider is dangerous in the wrong hands, though.