Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekend Moment of Zen 8-4-10

While I'm still recouping/adjusting, I thought a little humor might be in line.  This one comes courtesy of sometimes reader/my uncle in law Deac, who labeled this a golf joke...but I think it tells us something important about engineers:

An engineer, a priest, and a businessman were playing golf and overtook another group of golfers who were hitting the ball in every possible wrong direction. The clumsy group would miss the ball, hit it into the lake, bump into each other, and accidentally thwack each other when they swung.

The businessman got on his iPhone and called the golf course administrator complaining bitterly about the inconvenience, high golf fees, and insisting that such an inconsiderate, inept group of goof-offs shouldn’t be allowed on “his” golf course.

Upon hearing the response, the businessman shut up and hung up quickly. He contritely told the other two group, “Those are blind golfers. They were firefighters, but were responding to a chemical fire. They saved 30 people, but lost their sight from toxic fumes. I feel terrible for what I said. I’m going to have my company pay for their caddies and green fees forever so they can always play golf. They really deserve our respect and help.”

The priest said, “Those poor men! They selflessly lost their sight to help others. I’m going to have a Golfer’s Mass every month and pray for the return of their sight. Our collections will go to those poor golfers’ families.”

Finally, the engineer said, “Why can’t those guys play at night?”

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  1. One of the few engineer vs. non-engineer jokes where the engineer comes out on top.